Wenatchee near where I live, facing east

Wenatchee near where I live, facing west

Jim my roommate

me in Phoenix

This is what happened when my neighbors left a candle burning while they were sleeping.

Jacob when we used to live in the Suburban

Changa your so perty!

Jacob balances on 2 legs

Me standing outside of the Chandler skate park. It's hard to tell from the picture but this place RULES.

Doesn't Jacob look like a big mouse?

A trail that Me, Jacob and Chinga used to hike every morning in Phoenix

Jacob's butt

You can make it Changa!

Changa engages in some good old-fashioned nature destruction.

See! Jacob really does look like a big mouse.

Marty, Leon and me huddling around the junk food at lake somewhere.

Can you believe that this is square in the middle of Phoenix?

Here's me and the Viking crew photo-oping with Tux (Comdex 99)

taking a load off in the north Phoenix hood with some 40's.

Another Jacob. when we used to live in the suburban.

 Stare into the heads!